Exhibitions, parties, mingling, a very extensive speaker list and more than 1,000 visitors. The theme of FutureDesignDays 2003 was “They said it couldn’t be done”. But everyone who attended saw that it could be done.
New ties were formed between visitors and speakers. Business cards were exchanged with a whispered “Perhaps we could work together” or “Let’s talk next week”. At the end of FutureDesignDays 2003 moderator Kristofer Lundström and expert commentator Simonetta Carbonaro summarised the festival with words like “variety” and “diversity”. In short, all shades of opinion on design matters were welcomed on stage.

New directions

If there was anything that the speakers had in common, it was their firm belief in their own particular vision and the absence of boundaries. “It’s not all about money, and it’s not business as usual,” said Simonetta Carbonaro. What she meant was that the speakers dared to look both back and forward in order to indicate new directions. Modern consumer society was questioned. Could new production technology enable unique design to be mass produced? Could standardisation be transformed into personal expression?

Only seen the beginning

Kristofer Lundström asked whether the designer has played out his role as the exalted genius. “Absolutely! We’re seeing the emergence of a more humble attitude, more collaborative effort,” answered Simonetta Carbonaro. She continued, “It’s more the power of ideas than the idea of power.” Definitions must be questioned, and disciplines have to meet across boundaries, if design is to continue to have a role to play in our future society. The difficult issues cannot be resolved one by one. Collaboration and a holistic view are musts in order to start taking action. FutureLab, in its capacity as organisers, is very pleased with last year’s design festival. But FutureDesignDays 2003 is now history and new challenges await. The process continues. So far, we have only seen the beginning.

In December 2004 FutureLab received top marks for FutureDesignDays 2003, winning the Best Conference category and the Grand Prix, at the EIBTM awards ceremonies in Barcelona. The EIBTM Awards are considered the foremost awards in the event marketing.

Read more about FutureDesignDays 2003 in the book: 2003; In Action.


Åhaga, Borås


Andrea Branzi, Astrid Klein, Cecilia Hertz, Christian von Koenigsegg, Clemens Thornquist, Culture Capital, Emilio Genovesi, Guy Lönngren, Hella Jongerius, Henrik Most, Konstantin Grcic, Kym Barrett, Marcel Wanders, Marcus Bergman, Mark Dytham, Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Whitney, Ross Lovegrove, TED, Vedran Mimica, Verena C Kloos, Zandra Rhodes.


Kristofer Lundström

Expert commentator:

Simonetta Carbonaro

Inaugural Speaker:

Leif Pagrotsky

FutureDesignDays Award:


Kickstart Night:

At FutureLab


Timbuktu, Dj Amato, Chords, Dj Kid Sid


2003; In action. Essays by Emma Olsson, Emma Stenström, Marie-Louise Bowallius, Mikael Askergren and Torsten Hild.


FutureDesignDays 2003 Soundtrack in collaboration with JuJu Records.

Featured artists; Chords feat. Timbuktu & Ranto Boko, Looptroop feat. Timbuktu, Chords, Organism 12 & PST/Q, Mange Schmidt, Colossos feat. Honestly, The Casual Brothers feat. Christian Kjellvander, Ranto Boko feat. Promoe Timbuktu & Chords, Timbuktu, Advance Patrol, Majestic 3, MBMA, Nicolas L, Don Diego feat. Evelyne, El Sheriffo feat. KLM, Punchline, J-Ro feat. Timbuktu & ADL, Barbi Esco feat. Spotrunnaz, Barbi Esco

Totaly integrated meeting format in full scale

Conference and exhibition at Åhaga, Borås
Lounge exhibition 1500 sqm
Award Ceremony at main stage
Kickstart Night at FutureLab
Grand Finale Party at Grand Hotel, Borås

Unique visitors 1171
Speakers 29
Accredited journalists (14% international) 200
Articles in Sweden 49
Articles in Sweden (approximately 4,4 million edition) 249
Countries represented 15
Articles in international newspapers and magazines (as we know of) 47
TV- and radio news in Sweden 12
Web-news media reporting from the event 11
Hours of programme on the stages 16
Exhibiting companies 12