Art historian and Curator

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) collects, preserves and exhibits political posters – graphic art from the social movements that bring about changes in society; art that fights for human rights and dares to protest against oppression and injustice. CSPG’s enormous archive of historical and topical posters contains more than 50,000 posters from more than 100 countries – featuring everything from the Russian Revolution to current events.

CSPG’s research and exhibitions spread the word and remind us of slogans and messages that helped to change the world – in small ways and big ways.

CSPG wants to repower art, to enable it to inspire people to act. The thinking behind this is that no major social changes have ever taken place without art being a contributing factor. Instead, music, poetry, theatre and posters have always played a central role in these processes.

The founder and head of CSPG, Carol Wells, will be at FutureDesignDays to talk about design that has fought for a better world and succeeded. She is an art historian, and works as a teacher, writer, curator and activist. CSPG will, of course, be exhibiting during FutureDesignDays.