São Paolo

Booming Brazilians! The Campana brothers are this year’s darlings of the design world. Following their spectacular public acclaim during this year’s Salone di Mobile in Milan, the Campana brothers have emerged as the forerunners of a happy revolution in the design world.


The Campana objects combine humour with new ways of utilising materials. The acclaimed Boa consists of 80 metres of velvet, shaped into a room installation. The Sushi is an armchair that is actually pieces of fabric, rolled together into a homogenous shape. Campana pieces are thoroughly thought-provoking, questioning the social context of design production as such. Instead of turning design into either something essentially industrial or something essentially artistic, the Campanas view the design craft as a way of utilising the urban ebb and flow of materials; recycling and rethinking materials and production processes with inspiration from their hometown, São Paolo.


Following the Salone di Mobile, the Campana brothers carry on their development of new furniture and art pieces for companies like Edra. They prefer to work in the crafts tradition, making hand-made prototypes in their studio – in order to investigate the relationship between object and user in creative workshops all over the world.