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Istanbul by Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove visited FutureDesignDays in 2003 and spoke to an impressed audience. Since then he’s been one of the favourites. Now he’s in the limelight again presenting a new bathroom collection for the classic brand VitrA. VitrA is unique in the world of bathroom architecture and has got more than 60 years in the business. Everything about VitrA is centered around water – and its role in our lives today.

VitrA presents Ross Lovegrove like this: “Ross Lovegrove is one of the most interesting and intelligent designers of the 21st century. His work explores the creation of sculptural and organic shapes using sophisticated technology and materials. The concept of ‘organic essentialism’, which underlines all Lovegrove’s work, is inspired by the elements and aesthetics of the natural world, and provides the perfect language to articulate VitrA’s creative vision.”

Lovegrove has created more than 100 products within the Istanbul collection. The collection has been designed to provide fully co-ordinated interiors with maximum flexibility for the consumer. Check out the collection here.


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