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Scouting the catwalks in Paris


Since we’re into fashion and always looking for interesting names of potential speakers for the Conference stage, it was natural for us to be present at the Fashion Week in  Paris. And it was a great pleasure to see the new spring collection from Kenzo Takada’s new brand Takada, and meet him in person at his showroom. His new collections not only contains clothings, but also interiors and porcelain items. A truly fabulous experience. Creations both sewn and painted by hand is a trend we spotted. There’s also a lot of details like embroideries, feathers, flowers, pearls and precious metals decorating the garments. The influences of arts and crafts is obvious, just like the unbounded mix of materials.

We also met some of our friends and took the opportunity to ask them what made the biggest impression on them during the fashion week. Amechi Ihenacho, fashion editor at Flux Magazine said “Keep your eyes on the shoe designer Courtney Crawford. Him alone is worth my trip to Paris!” Courtney Crawford who knows the fashion world inside out wants to bring out Armand Hadida, for his nerve to sometimes leave the commercial way, and offer unique and creative products in his appreciated L’Eclaireur stores. Hadida is also one of the driving forces at the Tranoï exhibitions that brings new and unestablished designers to the large audience.


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