FutureLab. The future of retail – Today!

Everything is connected, and the world is getting smaller and smaller. We are quietly expanding in to the next dimension – the virtual reality. The borders between online and off-line is merging and a presence off-line requires a mirror online.

In this new vibrant environment, consumers are getting inspired and want to reach out to the endless possibilities of the merge between the virtual and physical space, for the first time ever we can talk about one world. We desire the constant change and role-shifting possibilities in the virtual landscape, we want the physical environment to be as flexible as the virtual. That our offices and commercial places can transform on a day to day basis and adjust to my specific needs – no boundaries, no hierarchies and everything circles round me!

Its time for retail to act and Kristian Bengtsson and Johan Johansson, Creative Directors from the FutureLab explores how to navigate in this new emerging world.