Legendary British fashion designer made her breakthrough in the early 1980s. Quickly made a name for herself as a rebel – invited to 10 Downing Street by Margaret Thatcher, she turned up wearing a T-shirt with the message “58% don’t want Pershing”. Since then she has used her high-profile position as a clothing designer to push environmental and social issues.


Katharine Hamnett, legendary English fashion designer, stepped on the stage on Communication Day in a downbeat outfit that included no-brand Irish sneakers (shades of No Logo) and multicolored sunglasses. “The textile industry doesn’t give a damn that 20,000 people die every year as a result of the poisons used on the world’s cotton fields,” was just one of her hardhitting comments on the industry. “Instead of creating a sustainable financial basis, the textile industry constantly tries to find ever cheaper sources of production. People are kept enslaved, just to enable us to consume fashion that puts us into a standard mould and dumbs us down.”

“With the planet dying under our feet, it is time to address the problems of the fashion industry. The impact on the environment including agriculture is negative and colossal.”