Founder of the furniture company Norrgavel. Uses a characteristic design idiom and unique thinking to promote sustainability, presence and spirituality as values in an industry which normally looks to fast trends and skin-deep beauty.


If anyone had dropped that famous pin, it would have been heard during Nirvan Richter’s talk. Richter, founder of the Norrgavel furniture company, spoke in a very personal vein about his search for inner peace. About being able to accept the events in life and thus become present in one’s work. Nirvan Richter found meditation to be a way of creating an empty space, free of everything. He got the audience of five hundred people to join him in meditating, and then delivered a liberating message that many took to their hearts. “A slower pace in life is about accepting everything, how you are, what you feel. Learning to give up your dreams, creates the peace to see them through.”

“For me design was very much connected to the endless creation of new things: remaining young, perfect, outgoing, fast moving, getting attention, keeping control. And I got lost, and I just wanted to find myself.”