The festival of 2005 took on a different shape. It became more like four festivals in one – a conference with four blocks, each providing in-depth information and inspiration in the fields of industrial design, architecture, new media and fashion. The Breakout Sessions, the EXPO and the parties all grew bigger and better. And not surprisingly the theme of FutureDesignDays 2005 was SHIFT.


As the conference was divided into four blocks it also became easier for the delegates to understand. Each block provided four hours of exclusive content and many of the speakers developed their thoughts further in a following Breakout Session.

Just like 2004 the EXPO held more than 60 exhibitors from across Europe. Electrolux hosted the most impressive display which presented the nominees of Electrolux DesignLab 2005, a global design competition for students. The news of this year’s EXPO also became the center of attention. The EXPO Stage with its variety of speakers, performances and happenings, hosted by Stefan Nilsson, was very appreciated.

For the first time in the FutureDesignDays history we released a book at the festival. SHIFT: design as usual – or a new rising? presented ten writers, researchers and creative people of various kind and their views on the changing role of design in our turbulent social climate.

Design Awards Ceremony

The City of Stockholm hosted the Design Award Ceremony, held in the famous Blue Hall, known for hosting the world famous Nobel Banquet. The Blue Hall was jam packed. The winners of Bombay Sapphire Glass Competition, Electrolux DegignLab, The Swedish Aluminium Packaging Design Award and of course FutureDesignDays Award, were all announced during the evening.

FutureDesignDays once again recieved massive media coverage and in addition to that the event became the unofficial ending of the Swedish Year of Design.


Stockholm International Fairs, the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall and Nordic Light Hotel


Anders Breitholtz, Andy Chen, Arkadius, Asko Annala, Bruce French, Clare Johnston, Dennis Englund, Donald Bates, Efva Attling, Fabio Novembre, Fredrik Hallberg, Gert Volker Hildebrand, Göran Gennvi, Hans Stråberg, Henrik Otto, Ignacio Germade, Ilmar Reepalu, Ilse Crawford, Jakob Boije, Jakob Trollbäck, Jan-Åke Jonsson, Jennifer Castoldi, Johan Forsberg, Johan Johansson, Johan Svensson, Julian Roberts, Lara Bohinc, Lars Dencik, Malin Källström, Margot Jacobs, Marcus Wendin, Mariela Leon, Mark Armstrong, Naoto Fukasawa, Nicole Lazzaro, Per Hörberg, Rick Sundberg, Satyendra Pakhalé, Simon Padian, Sophie Cheung, Stephan Hamel, Supernova, Thomas Meyerhoffer, Tobi Schneidler, Tomas Enander.


Renée Nyberg

Expert commentators:

Bo Dahlbom, Marcus Fairs, Lotta Ahlvar, Pontus Schultz

Inaugural Speaker:

Zandra Ahl

Master of Ceremonies:

David Piper

EXPO Stage host:

Stefan Nilsson


Dj Kid Sid

Theme Exhibition:

RB Display, IDC and FutureLab

Book: SHIFT: Design as usual – or a new rising?

Contributors; Andy Chen, Carl Fredrik Hultenheim, Cilla Robach, Fredrik Hallberg, Kerstin Wickman, Lars Dencik, Maria Ben Saad, Mats Pehrson, Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Rick Sundberg.

Conference in 4 blocks, expo and lots of parties

Conference in K1-K2 at The Stockholm International Fairs
Breakout Sessions 10 per day
EXPO area 5000 sqm
EXPO stage with planned programme
Award Cermony in Blue Hall
Design Lounge at Nordic Light Hotel
Kickstart Night at Nordic Light Hotel
Design Party at Café Opera
Design Dinner at Lydmar

Unique visitors 4707
Accredited journalists (12% international) 283
Articles in Swedish newspapers and magazines 489
Articles in international newspapers and magazines (as we know of) 162
TV- and radio news in Sweden and in national TV-networks around the world 54
Countries represented 28
Hours of programme on 45 the stages 45
Exhibiting companies 60