Commercial Director
Lumalive, Philips Technology Incubator

Philips Lumalive is a new venture, founded 1st July 2007, which aims to bring a woven LED communication platform to market by engaging messages to consumers. Philips Lumalive has been in business with sales since December 2007 in the experiential event marketing branch. In the years to come they expect to cover a very wide range of B2B and Consumer applications. One of their new concepts relates to clothing for promotions and events, where LED technology has been integrated into the fabric. Gerrit-Willem Prins joined Philips in 1984 and has among many things launched Philips Mastercolour CDM in 1994 (now the standard in Retail Lighting). He was also based 4 years in Hong Kong to set up Philips Special Lighting sales force in Asia Pacific and to manage the Outdoor and Retail part of the lamp portfolio. Gerrit-Willem Prins is Commercial Director of Philips Lumalive since September 2007.