Founder of Aesop. “Solid science, uncomplicated packaging, and an unwavering sense of humour.”

Aesop is something of a cult brand, highly regarded for its skin, hair and body range, and for the unorthodox way in which it conducts itself in an industry that all too often prays on people’s vulnerabilities. For the past twenty-one years, Aesop has offered high-quality, credible products in store environments that reflect the local landscape and acknowledge the intelligence of their clientele. Their packaging is minimalist, and their marketing methods unique. For all these reasons, 
Aesop has succeeded in attracting male and female clients across the globe.

AesopOwner and Director Dennis Paphitis, an Australian in Paris, is passionate about many things, with longstanding interests in philosophy, art, architecture 
and literature, areas that deeply influence the way Aesop presents itself in the skincare industry.

His company has stores and counters throughout Australia, Asia, the United States and Paris. Aesop’s newest store, in London’s Mayfair, is attracting attention for the stylish interior, crafted by Paphitis in association with British 
designer Ilse Crawford.