Series of sessions on tomorrow’s retailing and beyond

Have you grasped the full implications of the real world web? The fact that the dividing line between the virtual/digital world and the real world melted away long ago? With the resultant paradox that, in an increasingly digitalised world, physical meetings are being subjected to new demands, and that the shop once more stands centre stage in the growth and development of retailing, a position that is increasingly focussing on relations rather than transactions.

So what are the challenges? Where are the opportunities? Most important of all, who are the crazy, courageous and insightful people who are driving the issue of tomorrow’s retailing?

FutureDesignDays Nomad continues its quest for tomorrow’s business models from a design perspective, and turns the spotlight on the future of retailing in a series of exciting splashdown-events in spring 2008. As usual, the programme will feature lots of interesting speakers, plus a series of come-and-enjoy supporting events in which the networking opportunities of the mingle format are justifiably renowned. The first splashdown point will be Malmö, followed by Stockholm.

Malmö April 2

RB Display – Monbijoug. 17 E and FutureLab – Citadellsvägen 23

16.30 Registration, refreshments and exhibition
17.30 FutureDesignDays Retail Session

  • Johan Johansson and Kristian Bengtsson, FutureLab. The future of retail – Today!
  • Bernadette Schillings, Senior lecturer in design / retail communication. Expected tomorrow – stores experiences
  • Panel debate with Kristian Bengtsson, David Carlson, Johan Johansson, Artur Moustafa and Bernadette Schillings.

19.00 Refreshments and transport to party
20.00 Party at FutureLab


David Carlson
Having worked with design as a competitive ‘weapon’ for twenty years David Carlson is renowned for his knowledge of strategies in design and brand development. His on-line trend report titled the David Report offers cutting-edge critical thought. He is the founder of the furniture brand David Design and the knowledge company Designboost.

Johan Johansson and Kristian Bengtsson, FutureLab. The future of retail – Today!
Everything is connected, and the world is getting smaller and smaller. We are quietly expanding in to the next dimension – the virtual reality. The borders between online and off-line is merging and a presence off-line requires a mirror online.

In this new vibrant environment, consumers are getting inspired and want to reach out to the endless possibilities of the merge between the virtual and physical space, for the first time ever we can talk about one world. We desire the constant change and role-shifting possibilities in the virtual landscape, we want the physical environment to be as flexible as the virtual. That our offices and commercial places can transform on a day to day basis and adjust to my specific needs – no boundaries, no hierarchies and everything circles round me!

Its time for retail to act and Kristian Bengtsson and Johan Johansson, Creative Directors from the FutureLab explores how to navigate in this new emerging world.

Artur Moustafa, MD, Vujj
BWhy, in the year 2008, do we continue stuffing our wallets with huge wads of receipts? How can mobile phone technology be used to chart our buying patterns – receipts, bank balances, points, eco-footprints and so on? Artur Moustafa, one of our distinguished panel members, will share his thinking about our future shopping habits.

Bernadette Schillings – Ensemblier Décorateur. Expected tomorrow – stores experiences.
Bernadette Schillings is one of the leading shop interior designers in Sweden. Her clients include NK, H&M, KF, Telia Sonera, Lindex and Nordiska museet. She also lectures on Shop Design & Communication at Växjö University. Bernadette Schillings was born in Belgium, and trained at l’Académie des Beaux Arts in Tournai. She moved to Sweden in 1970.