FutureDesignDays by FutureLab – driven by design

Although FutureLab is only a small player, one of our visions is to assume a significant role on a global level. We are keenly interested in what is coming up around the corner. And we want to catch a glimpse of it today! Both for the sake of our customers and ourselves. FutureDesignDays is our way of fulfilling our vision and satisfying our curiosity. Until the next time. FutureLab Method – for integrated communication FutureLab, the creator and organiser of FutureDesignDays, is a strategy agency that works with integrated communication. We employ a method that encompasses the whole process, from exploring new areas and possibilities and the development and implementation of competitive business strategies to designing communications, events and products.

FutureDesignDays has become an important platform for new businesses, new ideas and new contacts.
Christian Alçenius, MD, FutureLab

A collection of alreday futurized clients: Almedahls, Borås Cotton, Borås Elhandel, Borås Kommun, Borås Stadsteater, Brothers, Centiro, C-girl, Coop Norden, Crescent/Monark, Domicet, Elmia, EM, Finska Turistbyrån, Hagelmark, Rockparty/Hultsfred, Högskolan i Borås, ICA, Ikanobanken, Insight Lab, Intersport International, Intersport, IQR, Isaberg Rapid, JC, JC Boys & Girls, JUST NU, Kinnarps, Marbodal, NCC, OKQ8, Produktställ, Pulsen, Revigör, Sapp, Sceye, Sisters, TBV, Thor, Tidbecks, Umbro, White.

Design as a brand-building, competitive tool

The reason FutureLab developed the concept of FutureDesignDays in the late 1990s, and went on to organise the first event in 2001, was that we saw that design was becoming increasingly important as a distinguishing competitive tool in the marketplace. And that in many ways it was even becoming decisive. We also saw that those companies which did not have a clear policy with regard to their design in terms of financial resources, aesthetics, the environment and ethics, were fast losing market shares.In putting on FutureDesignDays we have created a serious business conference that is also a fun-to-be-at festival for all branches and sectors. The importance of FutureDesignDays on a global level continues to grow apace with the growing network created as a result of the festival itself. In short, FutureDesignDays has become an important platform for new business, new ideas and new contacts.

We can’t take credit for the fact that designers are beginning to make it into the boardroom. But we’ve definitely been an influential factor
Christian Alçenius, Managing Director, FutureLab, and Festival General, FutureDesignDays.


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