The superstar of Finnish design who does everything from sculpture and interior design to industrial design and household products. A truly outspoken world celebrity in design circles.


Stefan Lindfors, the super nova of Finnish design, appeared in a brand new performance that took almost everyone’s breath away – 180 slides in three minutes to the accompaniment of Finnish shamanic punk music from the mid 80s (and loud, at that!). This was followed by an inspiring display of how a designer can bridge all disciplines and traditions. Stefan Lindfors has produced everything from sculptures for the Olympic Games, oil barrels for the Finnish oil industry and lamps for the famous Ingo Maurer to china for Arabia and bags and fabrics for the country’s pride and joy – Marimekko. Plus interiors and complete houses.

“I had no money for fifteen years,” said Lindfors and turned to the students in the audience: “I lived on beer and swimming. Remember, you can do what you want, but only if you learn to understand your client’s opportunities. Changing is not making compromises. But not learning the basics of production leads to compromises.”

“Design, whatever you do, is really a social profession, which is sometimes unfortunate. You have to be able to communicate your ideas. You have to be able to talk to the machine, the marketing people and the director. And sometimes to your husband or wife, because you have to work quite a bit.”

About working with The industry:

“You get so many parameters that it’s really easy in the end. Of course, there’s almost nothing you can do. But there is a huge difference between nothing and almost nothing. And it’s in that tiny ‘almost’ that you become a successful designer, or not. That’s the challenge of being an industrial designer.”