Marnick Smessaert knows how to stand out from the crowd on the European lighting scene. He created DARK as recently as 2001, but by following his heart and his gut feeling he has already placed his company on the global market. DARK is currently available around the world through a network of dealers in 54 countries. The head office is located in Maldegem, Belgium.

DARK is noted for a crossover thinking that generates ideas and end-products offering a judicious balance of commercial viability and creativity. The Reddot Design Award and the iF design award are just two of the many awards won by DARK products.

Marnick Smessaert sees intuition as the most important tool when designing light fittings that create an atmosphere. DARKS’s lighting unleash a kind of passion never seen before: love or hate products, used in hospitality, offices and shops, used wherever lighting distinctively provokes a communication with the space, with the clients. Could this be why he is regarded as one of the most innovative trendsetters on the European lighting scene?