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The Nomad Years

FDD 2006 Stockholm: share – the power of collaboration

Since FutureDesignDays is an ongoing process, never completed or ready to settle down, this years festival­ just like all the other festivals took on a different shape.­ The intimicy was in focus. The goal was to create­ a tight and intensive meeting place with...

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FDD 2005 Stockholm: SHIFT

The festival of 2005 took on a different shape. It became more like four festivals in one – a conference with four blocks, each providing in-depth information and inspiration in the fields of industrial design, architecture, new media and fashion. The Breakout...

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FDD 2004 Stockholm: FEAR

FutureDesignDays 2004 left its hometown Borås for the swedish capital Stockholm. The event grew big at the Stockholm International Fairs with a huge EXPO, compared to what was exposed at Åhaga in Borås. The conference developed further and Breakout Sessions were...

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FDD 2003 Borås: They said it couldn’t be done

Exhibitions, parties, mingling, a very extensive speaker list and more than 1,000 visitors. The theme of FutureDesignDays 2003 was “They said it couldn’t be done”. But everyone who attended saw that it could be done. New ties were formed between visitors and speakers....

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FDD 2002 Borås: Design without boundaries

FutureDesignDays 2002 concentrated on highlighting the people with the courage to cross all boundaries in their work. The people whose work advanced the boundaries of what can be achieved and what design can signify. And they were all there. The stage was invaded by...

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FDD 2001 Borås: In process

FutureDesignDays 2001 started out as an experiment. Would it really be possible to gather designers and architects from all over the world to debate and talk about design? Would there be an audience, and would it understand how important it was to listen, learn and...

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